Submission Guideline

To submit a template for sale, please make sure you follow this guideline to avoid rejection of your submission.

  1. Code must be of high technical quality.
    • It must be clear of any spelling errors.
    • It must follow a consistent format throughout the whole product.
  2. Design must be of high aesthetic quality.
    • It must be clear of any grammatical of spelling errors.
    • It must be consistent and original.
    • Elements must be placed properly with equal spacing between them.
    • It must be unique from other products on ThemeQuarry.
  3. CSS Frameworks and preprocessing tools should be used.
    • Frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation are encouraged.
    • Preprocessing tools refer to technologies that help modulate CSS code such as SASS and LESS.
  4. JavaScript plugins and build tools should be used.
    • JS plugins such as jQuery are encouraged but must be properly licensed.
  5. Documentation must be provided.
    • A simple documentation that serves as a guideline for customers to get started and use the template must be included with the files.
  6. Must contain only properly licensed content.
    • Make sure your code and plugins are properly licensed. Some open source licenses require attribution.
    • It is important to provide attribution to all of the tools and plugins you've used in the product description even if attribution is not required.
    • Plugins and tools licensed under GNU-GPL must follow the rules of the license.
    • ThemeQuarry is not responsible for misuse or verification of licenses.
  7. The live demo must adhere to the following rules.
    • The live demo must not link to other marketplaces.
    • The live demo must not include an iframe or replace ThemeQuarry's default frame.
  8. If the submitted item is not exclusive to ThemeQuarry, the listed price must not be higher than other marketplaces.