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Adriano Gaspar da Silva 1 year ago Purchased
Hello good afternoon. How do I start the theme with the top bar in black and not blue?
CarlosGroot 1 year ago Purchased
I saw a new updates from this template, How can I get the new updates ?
CarlosGroot 1 year ago Purchased

Who can help me? 3 weeks ago and I don't have any feedback. Please, any update.

WrapPixel 1 year ago Author

Hey Hi,

You can login and just re-download the template and you will get the updated version. Sorry for late reply.


CarlosGroot 1 year ago Purchased

Thanks for the reply, right now I have the new update, awesome work, thanks for that.

Bart M. 1 year ago

I'm building one application (one code base so one project), this application will have multiple instances running. Each client will have his/hers separate instance running on our server. Is a single License enough to cover this?

Thanks in advance,
Abdullah Almsaeed 1 year ago

Hello Bart,

Sorry for the long delay in the response!

Yes a single license would work.


ivansilva 1 year ago

This template works well for creating PHP apps with standard MVC + HTML5, CSS3 + Bootstrap3 + JS or Jquery. Is it easy to implement the backend in PHP?

Thank you
basiltap 1 year ago Purchased
I have integrated the Ample-Admin theme with Angular 2, and it is awesome!
But I have some problems with collapsed menus when there is a (click) event or a routerLink.
Can you give me some ideas to fix these problems?

MrDablio 2 years ago Purchased
Hello! I just bought 01 license Ample Admin but It is not working very well. The side menu is not up/down when mouse over. There are a lot of icons hidden and I can access them. Even when up/down the page side bar.

Can you help me?

MrDablio 2 years ago Purchased

Sorry, my mistake. It worked!

MrDablio 2 years ago Purchased
Hello Mr. Abdullah!

Ow! Nice dash! So, I'd like to know what is the difference between single, multiple and extended license. What is my point? I only have 01 project / 01 domain (CMMS - Maintenance system) but it will be used for more them 01 client (multi user). Can I purchase the single license only for this case? I already saw the demo and I'm sure that It worth to buy.

Again, congratulations for your work!

Best regards,

Walisson Oliveira (Mr. W)
WrapPixel 2 years ago Author


Single Use allow you to use for 1 project, thats right, but if you are making a SaaS app or product for which you are going to charge end users, like you made and project and you are allowing other clients to use it and charging them to use it, you would need extended license.

Hope that helps.


MrDablio 2 years ago Purchased

Thanks for the answer!

I'll purchase (firstly) only 01 single license because I need to start to make my web system (PHP7 based). This (my system) will be total online and 100% free (access and use it). I will not sell it or make copies at all , neither share your code nor make it visible. Only one After I to launch my project, we can talk again about a appropriate license. Don't worry because I'll show the link address and I can give you one user access to monitor the traffic. So, have we a deal? Can I moving on for 01 single license first? Have a nice week!

CarlosGroot 2 years ago Purchased
Hello, this template is not working in a better way with Internet Explorer or Edge, I would like to know if exists any upgrade in the DLL to avoid this issues? Thanks, but the template is awesome in Google Chrome is run perfectly.
MrDablio 2 years ago Purchased

Hey CarlosGroot! How are you man? So, I used it with Edge here and It worked very well : )

folivei 2 years ago Purchased
Two questions:
1) It mentioned in buy page that there is a register page, but I could not find it in demo. Could you please send me the link?
2) Is this an extension of admin lte or a differente template.
WrapPixel 2 years ago Author

Hey here are answers.

1) Yes we have registration pages - it comes under sample pages > authentication pages
2) Well its individual template, not extension of admin lte.

Thanks, Sunil

CarlosGroot 2 years ago Purchased
Could I use this template for intranet apps?
WrapPixel 2 years ago Author

Hey yes, you can. Thanks

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