Bakary - Cakery & Bakery HTML5 Template

Bakery perfectly fits cakery & bakery website with a strong, sweet and elegant style. It embodies a sensible design with a product-centered layout to captivate every customer’s heart

Features Translations Ready Retina ready Free Updates Choose from 2 product detail page layouts: default & Order Form. Easy Installation and setup Clean and commented code Cross Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE10, IE11 Custom CSS in theme options AJAX Shop filters AJAX Search Search engine optimised (SEO) 3 sidebar layouts Left Sidebar Rights Sidebar Full width Advanced page heading settings Full width sections 2 Headers types On/off sticky header hot deal count pro Top Bar header Upload font and google fonts Unlimited colors whist list and Share buttons for blog posts Products category columns 2, 3, 4,,5, 6 Built in Quick View feature Lazy loaded imaged for fast page performance Color swatches built in Different Single product styles Social Buttons shortcode Advanced buttons custom Custom Google maps easy Custom dropdown sizes Menu items easy Custom HTML (Visual Composer blocks in menu) Animated counter shortcode Custom options for pages Custom sidebars Custom layouts Page headings images

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Item Details
Category Bootstrap
Released 1 week ago
Version v1.1.0
Updated 1 week ago
Uses LESS No
Uses SASS No
CSS Framework Bootstrap 3
  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest Safari
  • Latest FireFox
Tags bakery, bakery shop, bakery cakery, cakes, cupcake, food
Exclusivity Exclusive to AS Marketplace


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Signed up on Nov 11, 2017
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