EstateAgency - EstateAgency - Real Estate Template

EstateAgency is free responsive real estate website template built with Bootstrap. Whether you are an agent or an agency, EstateAgency is a right choice for your real estate website. It allows you to easily sell or rent your homes, apartments or any property you’re responsible with. Easily list properties, add agents and even launch a blog/news section for your website. The homepage comes with a full page slider where you can promote your featured properties. You can also built a great search engine with the one click off canvas property search form.
Start a fresh project or redesign the current one swiftly with EstateAgency free real estate website template.

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Category Bootstrap
Released 1 year ago
Version v1.0.0
Updated 1 year ago
Uses LESS No
Uses SASS Yes
CSS Framework Bootstrap 4
  • Latest Edge
  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest Safari
  • Latest FireFox
  • Latest Opera
Tags real estate, property
Exclusivity Non-exclusive to AS Marketplace


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Signed up on Nov 29, 2017
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